Photos: Kourtney Kardashian naked butt in sight!

The Univers News – The sister Kim Kardashian has amused himself by spinning on a balcony in Miami. But her skirt was a little dropped, the little vicious!

Fun like a little crazy on the balcony of the Hotel Eden Roc in Miami, Kourtney Kardashian swirled around her sister Khloe yesterday, Thursday, October 11. Small dance steps with big consequences!

For if it were focused on the stage she turned to reality TV family, the young mother did not realize that underneath the balcony, photographers followed her every move. So, they obviously pressed the shutter when they realized that the beautiful skirt flew up a little too … revealing her thong and her ass!

Images that are from around the world, because I must admit, buttocks Kourtney Kardashian is worth a look.

One wonders if in fact, she would not have done it knowingly! Would she fed the real star of the family to be the butt of Kim Kardashian? In any case, that Kourtney has undoubtedly something to say, look!


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